Hgh Q Inc. has highly trained professionals, each with over 20 years of experience. We have competitive pricing and offer real world conditions with a variety of road type and vehicle options.
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We are GM TIP approved, and Ford light truck certified.


High Q Inc. in Fort Ashby, West Virginia, offers all the Automotive Testing services you need. High Q Incorporated, Automotive Testing Services is able to offer four-season climatic conditions and numerous road choices for the design of test schedules. We are able to achieve a variety of fore/aft and lateral g profiles with a wide selection of road surfaces, road types, and grades.  Road surfaces range from dirt/gravel to concrete.  Road types vary from logging trails to four-lane Interstate Highways. Contours include straight and level roads as well as serpentine and mountainous two and four-lane highways.  Typical driving operations accumulate approximately 500 miles per shift or up to 6000 miles per week for our normal six-day operation. Seventh day operation is also available with mileage accumulation up to 1250 miles per day. With combined staff experience of well over 100 years in testing and analysis our highly trained and motivated professionals offer a diverse capability for tire, and vehicle testing and analysis. The Automotive Testing technical staff’s combination of talent and expertise, coupled with strong support resources provide the knowledge base for the Automotive Testing operations. High Q Incorporated is committed to excellence with our primary goal to safely deliver a quality product on time at a reasonable cost.

High Q Incorporated maintains a fleet of over 200 owned and leased vehicles ranging from small front wheel drive cars to 18 wheeled tractor trailers. Vehicles that are needed which may not be available within our fleet can be acquired quickly by lease or purchase so that we can provide the actual vehicle platform that you need for the type of test that you require.

Let us provide the testing services to help you design a better, more reliable automotive product with accurate, cost-effective test information when you need it. We offer four locations performing various types of tire tread wear and durability testing including Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG) treadwear, GM TPC, GM ATE, Ford light truck tread-wear and a variety of off-road track testing on High Q owned gravel (GM TIP approved) and very aggressive flint tracks. Our full service garage facilities feature the latest high tech tire mounting, balancing and vehicle alignment equipment capable of measurements to within .01 degree.  Let High Q Incorporated help you with your automotive testing needs.

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